You are the
architect of your life.

A wise man once said necessity is the mother of invention, and that could not be truer with the story of Erba. Let’s be clear - our lives are busy, and there’s more noise and distractions than ever before in human history. Something as important as our health and wellbeing is often overlooked, and if it isn’t, it’s overwhelming - where do you start? Erba was founded to take back control and take the work out of leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It’s a simple solution - flavorless plant-powered goodness you can drop into whatever you like, whenever you like, with the same great taste you love.

Functional Supplements for modern living. Feel your best from the inside out.
Your mind and body's best friend

No small print or ingredients you can't pronounce, just honest, value driven & clinically studied ingredients.

Just flow with it

We celebrate the unfiltered human experiences that connect us all. Perfect in our imperfections.

Effortlessly elevate your everyday

Taking normal drinks, and making them super drinks. We aim to be a natural part of daily rituals.

Meet the founder

Find your flow

My father, Sunny, introduced me to natural superfoods and traditional Indian principles of Ayurveda at an early age - a belief that mindful nutrition elevates and balances the mind, body and spirit. It’s a practice nurtured over thousands of years, so they must know a thing or two about wellness, right?

As an opportunity to redefine what Ayurveda means to daily routines and not limit it as a traditional practice, it’s our purpose to infuse this ancient wisdom with modern wellbeing. Erba was founded to disrupt the beverage industry, by actually not focusing on beverages at all. We focus on how we can elevate any drink to suit benefit-specific needs anytime, anywhere. I believe nutrition and wellbeing should not be overwhelming, it should be a source of comfort and joy. That’s why we are no complicated routines, no gimmicks, and no chemicals. Just plant-powered goodness backed by science, wisdom and rooted in nature to help us all feel better, do better and live better.