Functional Supplements
for modern living.

Backed by science, wisdom and rooted in nature. Erba is your on-the-go companion with flavorless plant-powered goodness. Our mantra is simple. No complicated routines, and no chemicals, just powdered remedies to effortlessly elevate your everyday.

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"Can help hydrate the body from the inside out with Glow + Flow"
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"Get Your Circadian Rhythm Back On Track"
"Superfood supplements with a difference"
Functional Supplements for modern living. Feel your best from the inside out.

No complicated routines,
no chemicals

Find more joy
in the everyday.

We cultivate a minimalist lifestyle while elevating the mind, body and spirit of the communities around us. We celebrate the unfiltered human experiences that connect us all. Perfect in our imperfections. A simplified and healthier daily routine creates more time and balance. Our supplements aim to disrupt the beverage industry to make the most of each passing moment. We provide a platform to find more happiness, peace and ultimately unlock life’s potential.

Promises made, and promises kept

On-the-go Companion

Nutrition and wellbeing shouldn’t be complicated or overwhelming, but instead almost second nature to our lifestyles.

Rooted in Nature

There’s no small print here or ingredients you can’t pronounce. Just honest, value driven & clinically studied ingredients.

Your flexible friend

We’ll always be flavorless. So there’s no change in daily routines or the taste of your favorite drink, but a great change in benefits.

Nature and wisdom,
backed by science

Dr Sean Penny is one of the most reputable Complementary Medicine doctors, where he follows a holistic approach using the best natural remedies to optimize health. Dr Sean actually cured our founder, Nitya, from her own gut issues and that is when she approached him to help formulate Erba. Dr Sean’s ethos for each ingredient is to use the most natural bioavailable source and to stay away from synthetics for the most effective products. He has also used Ayurvedic and Adaptogenic ingredients throughout his longstanding practice because of how effective they can be for overall wellbeing, allowing Erba to thrive with his expertise. 

“I loved Erba’s mission to naturally elevate each part of the day through something so routine in our daily lives, the beverage. It’s great to celebrate these traditional remedies that can be overlooked nowadays, as they can help balance overall wellbeing, which is a key pillar of Ayurveda.” – Dr Sean Penny