Our mantras are a series of values we wholeheartedly live by. They are a constant reminder to us, and a promise to you, of what we stand for, and what we celebrate.


Nutrition and wellbeing shouldn’t be complicated or overwhelming, but instead almost second nature to our lifestyles, keeping us grounded. That’s why we promise no complicated routines and no gimmicks. Just powdered goodness you can drink for any mood, anytime, anywhere. We’re simply there when you need us, and there when you don’t.

in nature

Our story begins with ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and continues with it too, with modern fast-moving lifestyles in mind. That’s why we infused with superfoods, adaptogens & nootropics into formulas thoughtfully crafted by the most qualified nutritionists in the industry. There’s no small print here or ingredients you can’t pronounce. Just honest, value driven & clinically studied ingredients that were sourced to be as bioavailable & effective as possible.

Your flexible

We don’t care what you drink. Instead, we focus on choice, control and unlocking the potential of the human being drinking it. We’ll always be flavorless, so there’s no change in daily routines or the taste of our favorite drink, but a great change in benefits. We can now all enjoy the invigorating cup of coffee in the morning, or the refreshing smoothie, just with a little more oomph behind it. Where and when you use our supplements is up to you. You are the architect of your life.

to amplify

Let’s be honest. The world is noisier and busier than ever before. Looking after our health, and feeling better to live better shouldn’t be something we umm and ahh about, let it be a source of joy and comfort. Erba makes it a little easier to turn down the volume and lift our spirit from the inside out with a brand that speaks directly, and a product that works simply. Less complicated routines, more of what makes you, you.


It’s no accident we share our formulas through powdered goodness that elevates any drink. We believe wholeheartedly in the power of slowing down sometimes just a little bit and drinking it all in. Pouring one of our small sachets into a drink immediately grounds us and sets our intentions for what’s ahead. Because ultimately a life lived in the present, is a more balanced, more connected life and a happier one too. #DrinkErba

A note from our founder: You'll come across a happy, energetic fellow in all kinds of situations across the Erba brand called "Sunny," who is named & inspired by my dad. My dad taught me all that I know about health & wellness, which was his passion. Now I get to share his wisdom with all of you.

Functional Supplements for modern living. Feel your best from the inside out.