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Functional natural supplements for modern living. We simplify your daily routine, so you can make the most of each passing moment and live life in the present.

Our mantra is simple. Flavorless plant-powered formulas infused with adaptogens and nootropics to raise your vibration and feel your best from the inside out. No complicated routines and no chemicals. Just wonderful remedies formulated by thousands of years of healing and balancing Ayurvedic principles. Feel lighter and brighter to effortlessly elevate your everyday. #FindYourFlow

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We seek to turn down the noise of everyday life and find a little balance in mind, body and spirit with convenient on-the-go products that seamlessly connect with daily routines. Backed by science, thoughtfully crafted and carefully measured by the most qualified nutritionists in the industry. We combine ancient Ayurvedic principles with modern wellbeing into powder to be as transparent and approachable as possible. The beauty of Erba is that it is flavorless. Meaning our supplements transform from the humble coffee on the commute, or the sip of water after a workout to nutrient-dense, plant-powered fuel. Taking normal drinks, and making them super drinks. Same drink, same taste you love, just a new lifestyle.

Functional Supplements for modern living. Feel your best from the inside out.
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What we offer

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Inspired by the belief that nature is the body’s ultimate nutrition source. We don’t believe in synthetics, that’s why all our ingredients are naturally derived, or already made in your body. We blended nutrient-dense Ayurvedic superfoods to be accessible for their healing, recovery and functional benefits. Our carefully measured sachets put control back in your hands. Meaning you can safely consume the correct daily dose of all our complementary formulas throughout your day, every day. Just rip and slip into your favorite drink.

What we offer

from within.

Every ingredient is clinically studied and selected for its nutrient density and bioavailability. These micro-fast absorbing extracts help your body heal, recover and resist stressors while enhancing your experience in the present. Quality is part of our identity where we use hot water extractions, not alcohol, for our Ayurvedic mushrooms. This ensures the highest levels of active ingredients and safeguards the ‘shrooms precious benefits. We combine functional nutritional science, Ayurvedic wisdom and quite literally, meditation, into everyday life because of their proven benefits to work in harmony to elevate and balance mind, body, and spirit. Feel your best from the inside out.