calm + clarity

Meditation you can sip

Calm + Clarity is your mute button for the world around you. A wise person (probably us) once said it's better to slow down before you break down. With our daily commitments and the stresses and challenges life naturally throws at us, sometimes we need to pause and travel inwards. That's why we made meditation you can sip.

 We've worked with leading nutritionists, underpinned by calming Adaptogen herbs to craft a formula that reduces cortisol, the stress hormone (the bad stuff), and increase serotonin, the happy hormone (the good stuff). Calm + Clarity quietens the mind, encourages peace and raises your vibration.

Studies show a calm mind results in restful sleep, healthy circadian rhythm, stronger coordination and better energy levels, because how you rest and recover supports how you rise and perform the next day. We recommend taking this at the end of your day when you're ready to unwind. Slow down, and drink it all in. Because a life lived in the present, is a more balanced, more connected, and a happier one too.

*UAE orders do not contain Ashwagandha


15 single dose sachets

Each serving size and sachet is 3g


Made in the United Kingdom

How to Use

Add 1 sachet (3g) to a 200ml beverage and mix well. The powder is flavourless, making it easy to combine with your favourite cold or hot drink, such as a fruit juice, smoothie, or tea. Consume 1 serving per day.


Magnesium Citrate, L-Glycine, Ashwagandha Root 10:1 Extract, Schisandra Berry 10:1 Extract, Reishi Mushroom 4:1 Extract, Jujube 10:1 Extract, Tulsi 4:1 Extract, Liquorice 10:1 Extract

*UAE orders do not contain Ashwagandha

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Flavourless plant-powered goodness for:

  • Nervous system support
  • Balanced psychological function
  • Reduces tiredness + fatigue

    Flavorless plant-powered goodness for nervous system support, balanced psychological function + reduces tiredness + fatigue.

    No complicated routines,
    no chemicals

    Let's slow down
    for a second.

    Find your calm amongst the everyday chaos. The benefits of slowing down is that it gives you the mind space to live to your full potential. We're constantly pushing ourselves to do more, but forget about the benefits of rest. A healthy circadian rhythm, decreased inflammation, and a balanced nervous system are some of the many advantages that are a result of decreased stress in the body. Magnesium specifically enables our bodies and mind to recover on a cellular level from everyday external stressors and ongoing busy lifestyles. It enhances feelings of relaxation and provides deep restorative sleep. The best morning ritual starts the night before.

    For all the feels.

    Adaptogens, especially if taken overtime, have anti-anxiety effects, promote a sense of calm, reduce stress, and optimize sleep quality. Adaptogens are plant-derived herbs that work to balance your body and mind. They can help your body adapt to physical, chemical, environmental, and emotional stress that can also exert a normalizing effect on bodily processes. These specific adaptogens naturally stimulate the release of GABA, serotonin and melatonin while limiting cortisol levels to promote a healthy sleep cycle. Give your mind clarity and your body balance. Get centered with Erba.

    Functional Supplements for modern living. Feel your best from the inside out.

    Feel the love

    After 1 month I’m feeling as much clarity, focus and energy as I did 10 years ago. It helps elevate my mood and I get restful sleep. I do feel like it has helped my circadian rhythm because now I fall asleep more easily & wake up rested with energy ready to start my day. I'm excited to finally get my routine back on track!


    Hannah, 40

    I have dealt with burnout for years and once I started taking it, I felt relief almost instantly. My energy lasts longer throughout the day and I have noticed my mood is great! I recommend this to anyone who deals with a lot of stress & a busy lifestyle. I absolutely love my down time with Calm + Clarity and recommend it to all my friends


    Nick, 32

    This stuff is absolutely magnificent. After a few weeks of use I can definitely say it helps a lot. It doesn't make everything sunshine and rainbows all the time, but for sure helps you handle the rain a lot better. I find it very helpful for mood enhancement & less anxiety drinking it first thing in the morning. And I was never a morning person.


    Lulu, 25
    Functional Supplements for modern living. Feel your best from the inside out.